Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Going out this bank holiday?

Like me, many of you may see bank holidays as a time to get ya self all glammed out for a night out!, if not this post may not interest you. Don't get me wrong I have a complete understanding as to why we have this Easter bank holiday, and I am well aware of Easter Sundays purpose, but either way I like to go out clubbing a few times as its rare for me to have a 4 day weekend, as I'm a typical Monday - Friday, 9-5 (well actually 8-4) worker.
Anyway here's a few outfits I'm planning on wearing and a few I think are cute!

Outfit One - Hop into spring with some pastels and flash some flesh!

This is actually one of the outfits I plan on wearing this weekend, I love the fit of the skirt and I'm not a massive fan of the PVC skirts that are going round at the moment I found that this one looks a little more expensive, and the clutch is actually from primark! So cute and such a great find! I plan to do a bit of a smokey eye using my naked 3 palette, and a lilac lip, keeping it all pink/purple throughout. And no doubt I'll have my hair extensions in with loose beachy waves, ahh I'm excited already!
Pastels baby

Outfit Two - Fresh and sophisticated

This is another of my outfits for this weekend, I actually might wear this on Easter Sunday as I think my boyfriend and I are going to go for a nice meal, the shirt actually has a dipped back, so it really flowy and on trend! I like the way it wraps around gives a real twist on your traditional white shirt. Again I think the jeans are so cute, and with a bit of fake tan on the legs, I like the way my tan with show through its still slightly covered up as its still a little chilly despite the sun being out, British weather is rather deceiving. And I'll probs throw on a leather jacket or something. hair up in a high pony tail/bun and a pink/nude lip - perrrrfect!

Casual drinks

Outfit 3 - Black on black on black

I know this might not be your cup of tea, but its definitely mine, I know its a lot of black but I think it has so many statement pieces that you don't even need to add colour or even jewellery! I'm very "hippy" (body shape wise) so skater dresses are kind of my go to if I'm stuck in a bit of a rut, I'd wear this look with a bright lip to give a slight pop of colour, and my hair down in loose curls - ahh honestly if my bank balance wasn't so low I'd be purchasing every single item!

Black on black on black

So that's it guys!, I hope you liked all 3 outfits and if you have any constructive critissim please feel free to leave me a comment or tweet me! Hope you all have a fantastic bank holiday and eat lots of eggs!

Chlo xoxo


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What do we want!? MORE BLOG POSTS! When do we want them!? NOW!!

AHHHH!, I'm a massive failure I know but what evs I actually have no excuse as to why I haven't blogged in months, so yeah I'm sorry, forgive me, thankssss!

So, sooooo much has happened the past few months, some good, some bad and some A-MAZING!
Lets get the bad out of the way shall we, my granddad past away about a month ago, likewise our family dog back in January, but enough of that. The good, as you may or may not be aware I'm an apprentice within IT, well WAS an apprentice, I was offered a full time position back in Feb, so HEYYYY career! We also visited Battersea dog/cats home and managed to find our new addition to the family, his names Pongo and his a Shiu Tzu (I'll try and get some half decent pics soon I promise). My friends/boyfriend and I have booked our holiday to Las Vegas, so come orrrrrn October!

I'm sure I have loads more to tell you but my mind has gone all fuzzy :( I want to give blogging a real go but I'm laptop less, and I have to wait till my birthday for my MacBook (August!!!) so you will have to deal with shitty posts like this until then - oopsy!

Thanks for sticking with me guys, working fulltime and having other commitments backs blogging really hard!

xoxo (Gossip Girl) haha, I'm kidding! 


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Liebster Award

I think you know the dealio when it comes to the Liebster award but if not I shall fill you in! You get nominated by a fellow blogger, in this case it was the wonderful Caitlin - go check her blog out! Anyway back on topic Chloe! So once you have been nominated you complete the 11 questions in my case Caitlin chose, then once complete you think of 11 questions and tag 11 bloggers that do not have many followers - this is how us little bloggers get some recognition ya see!
What's your favourite beauty item at the moment?
My fav beauty item atm, ahh! I think Im going to have to go with Benefit Hoola Boxed Bronzer. Purely because I need a good bronze when the weather is as crap as it is in the UK atm.
If you had to give up blogging or Tweeting, which would it be?
Would have to be blogging - sorry guys but I like to vent my anger via a good tweet.
Dream holiday?
Hawaii, don't worry working for an airline has its perks and I plan to visit here next year!
When and why did you start blogging?
Just before Christmas, so Im still a newby. And why did I, well I thought there was someone out there with the same views/opinion as me so thought why not start my own.
Eyeshadow or lipstick?
Lipstick baby!
Who is your celebrity crush?
Good old Leonardo Dicaprio
Favourite quote?
Always do your best, what you plant now will harvest later.
Name one thing you're most looking forward to this year.
Do you have any pets?
Yes, 3 cats and I did have a dog but he sadly passed away last week :(
What's your favourite album right now?
Kid Inks or Beyonces.
Do you have any advice or tips for your readers?
Ya know what no, do your own thing and fuck what everyone else thinks!
Okay so now to think of 11 new questions -
Most proud moment?
Dream job?
Celeb lookalike?
Last picture on your phone?
Most worn lipstick?
Fav all time song?
Fav blog?
Car you drive?
Fav feature in the opposite sex?
Best book?
Any tips and tricks or words of wisdom you want to pass on?
So I tag the following -
If you do complete my questions, Id love to see your answers so leave me a comment with your post for me to have a read! - Oh and I promise I will get back into blogging again soon it's been hectic recently! 


Monday, 20 January 2014

Sunday Post #3

Hi all, this is infact a delayed Sunday post - oooopsy! Hope you forgive me, but I was a tad busy this weekend. So what have I been up to this week -  well firstly I have been in and out of the bloody doctors so much I feel as if I live there. Nothing major wrong with me don't worry.

Hmm what else, I went to Nandos with the boyfriend, got my usual butterfly chicken, peri tamer and mash - Boring ain't I. Also the gym, but thats nothing new. And this weekend, I saw friends, went for a beautiful sunday roast yesterday (if you don't live in the UK, a roast is a British tradition to have on a sunday it consists of some form of meat like roast chicken, pork, beef, lamb etc, veg, roast potatoes etc) its yum! Then we went to see Wolf on Wall Street which I loved! Oh Leo just marry me right now, he really has got better looking with age if you ask me.

And yea back to Monday we are, sorry this is a short post but basically I've been a busy bee with a few bits and bobs! but I will get back to my regular posts soon I promise! I need to make a blogging diary and plan weeks ahead regarding blog posts.

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What's in my bag?

If your a nosey F#?K like myself you will love having a little peak in other peoples bags. It gives you a real insight of the person and no only that but it reminds me stuff like "yeah I must carry tissues" or "spare socks? great idea!". So I thought why not let you all have a sneak peak in my everyday handbag!

*Quick disclaimer, Im not bragging what so ever, and I'm also going to apoligise for my photo quality, Im haven't decided what camera I want to purchase yet so if you have any suggestions comment below!*

Apprantly my kitten (well cat now I suppose) trying to get in the picture too!

So firstly my bag, it's Micheal Kors. A Micheal Kors Hamilton, but the older style I believe, with the gold trim, when purchasing this they had rose gold and silver options available but I prefered the gold. In terms of price I bought this in an outlet whilst in Vegas so I paid around $250, which is pretty darn cheap for a designer bag if you ask me! Bargain!

Okay so onto what I carry in my bag on a daily basis, so I have my purse which is from River Island last year so they no longer sell it, I wouldnt recommend it anyway, it's held together with poppers which is rather annoying as cash ends up falling out when in a shop, I should really invest in another. But the design is what I love, I adore skulls and as you can see it has tiny little skull detailing in gold which compliments my hand bag nicely if you ask me!

Next the pink case you can see, holds my kindle. I have the kindle touch, which my boiyfriend bought me for my 20th birthday. And if I'm honest I don't know where I'd be without it. It comes every where with me. I sit at work on my lunch breaks and read it. If I'm on a train or plane, and I love reading whilst on holiday so when sun bathing round the pool I just get my kindle out. I could never go back to reading paper back books. I love the flexability of being able to download a book when ever and where ever a want (as long as I have wifi).

My sunglassses and their case. Both are from Topshop last summer so they don't sell them anymore but I'm sure you will find something similar on the website if you have a little hunt. I love big, statement glasses, and these where only £15 so hardly broke the bank and I believe the case was a few pound £5 tops! They do their job, but theyre hardly the best quality but I can hardly complain for how cheap they where.

My diary, the cute purple book. I like to write down how many hours I've worked, or what hours I've done. And what projects Ive worked towards that day. As at the end of every month I have to fill a form out with my hours of each week, and what projects I worked on on that day. A diaries a diary really, a put appointments etc in there too, as I dont always want to rely on my phone.

Hand cream & Hand sanitizer! The Body Shops gingerbread hand cream, I dont think you can buy this now as it was one of those christmas specific products. But it smells gorgeous! And I like to put hand cream on, on a regular basis! I am also a little OCD when it comes to bacteria. Being in IT means I work on PC's every single day, and some of the keyboards I have to touch are disgusting so I like to sanitize regualy, this ones from bath & body works, and is called "Pink Shiffon", it has little specs of glitter in and is just gorgeous!

Next in my tiny little bottle of daisy from Marc Jacobs, I got this in a gift set. And it is the perfect size for my hand bag I tend to rarely top up my perfume throughout the day but I have it in here just incase I go out after work and want to smell extra nice (Im going to do a seperate blog post on perfumes and their scents).

A notebook and pen, the note book isfrom paperchase, Im a bit of a stationary freak. And my pen I stole of someone, maybe my mum! I just jot down notes regarding work, college, work out my finances etc.

Lipsticks - Yes I know I carry round a lot and I dont even know why!, so there's a MAC - Snob lipstick in there which is my go to everyday lipstick for work. Theres a Revlon lip butter in Cupcake, a Wet & Wild lipstick in a shade a dont know the name of, its very similar to snob but with more of a blue undertone. And lastly is a Revlon lipstick again I cant find the name but its in a dark vampy purple (this is my go to when going out) I love dark lipsticks!

And the other little bits that are on there are, my "Glittens" gloves/mittens from Primark they cost me about £3 and looks like little Zebras! Some iPhone 5 headphones, my car keys (I drive a C1 if your wondering), a mirror, and a USB. I also carry my work pass, but Im not ready for everyone to know where i work so please appreciate that.

This might not interest many of you but I thought it would be a nice way of you getting to know me without me rambling on about myself.

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